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Blissings Family of Humanity!

I’m Carla Lee Johnston

Beyond my name, the many roles I’ve adopted and played, and what most would define as success, I’ve spent my whole life, even as a rebellious little one, even as a millionaire, knowing that the truth of who I was, and even who I showed the world I am, was a lie. I too was seeking truth outside of myself until I pulled back the curtain, to see beyond the veil of lies, beyond the yellow brick road. The Wizard in the Land of Oz was part of the happy never after story I’d been chasing. The heart the tin man was seeking, the courage the lion was seeking, the brain our scarecrow was seeking was right where it had always been―located within the silent language of their hearts.

My heart was also broken and deeply wounded by separation… This is not my story, the versions of stories of heartache, of loss, of suffering, of broken relationships, are all fed from this lie of separation from truth and is the cause of all suffering. Transcending this shared separation story will empower your innerstanding, beyond external “understanding,” as you catalyze to ignite the truth, that nothing happens to us, but for us. Every relationship, every perceived loss, and challenge, is here as The Beloved, calling you home, and serves as your greatest teacher to your awakening—as love.

Join me as we enter an (r)evolutionary time in our history. It is time to shine the light within our heart into the crevices of darkness to awaken in one accord to live The Truth of who you are, who we are, and can never not be.
Let’s ignite the fire of Truth within our hearts. Let’s dream wild and awake our epic love story!?

This moment is our epic love story in the love-making…

Within each one of us is The Truth of who only you can be. Not one of the nearly eight-billion of us on this planet came with the same signature blueprint purpose. We each have come to serve our own unique and potent gift as a reflection within our world. Don’t get trapped in the snare of comparing yourself to anyone else. There is no secret out there that can answer the ‘who am i, before and beyond what the world told me to be. That discovery can only be found within. Our liberation is bound to one another stepping “all in” to serve our love’s grandest expression within our world. The quintessential question that we’ve all been seeking, who am i, is encoded with the cells of your DNA.

It's time to activate The Truth of who you, of who we are…

Beyond all identity of what the world told us we are and need to be is The Truth.

Our destiny is to self-realize the completeness of our infinite greatness, and the potency that awakens within us, as we unite the power-within, to live in One accord, as divine love, to be the timeless unborn truth of who we truly are, beyond the shadows of identity we’ve all learned to wear.
Let’s get naked together and dance in the sublime mystery and unfolding of The Truth of why we’re here at this unprecedented momentous time in our history.
Let’s make love together…perhaps for the very first time.

It is time for The Truth!
Within Infinite Love, Carla Lee Johnston

You must first see the lie, to even know to see truth…

What if nearly everything we’ve been told is truth, was built on a falsehood—a perpetuated Separation Story?

And, these mass weapons of distraction are perpetuated from a 24/7 stream of “consumptive” systems that have been so deeply woven unconsciously into our lives, beliefs, and identity, that where we find truth to liberate ourselves from suffering, and ignite our greatest passions of service, to unite a world, and future that works for all, is located where it has always been all along—within the silent language of our hearts.

Free-fall down the rabbit hole with me, beyond everything the world told you are, and are not, to awaken to The Truth of who you are and can never not be….

Infinite Love – Carla Lee Johnston

This journey within led me to true healing alchemy of my sacred inner marriage of body-mind-spirit―Our True Creation Story.

Every role we serve, every relationship we chose, is divinely appointed. What if what is arising in the darkness of outer world is our invitation to break free from this Separation Story and love unconditioned, perhaps for the very first time? No one has escaped from the core wounds we all carry from being separated from our own true hearts. There is a defining moment when you awaken beyond the I/ME to the US/WE and you begin to self-realize that if we are to co-create a world where we all have enough, WE must be the change, in the truest sense, seeking to serve only what is pure, righteous and noble, and this truth and love lives within you... for within every part of you, there is a part of me.

Let’s get this epic love party started?!

Within Infinite Love, i am, Carla Lee Johnston

Knowledge is power, only if discovered, and applied

Rene Decarte shared "If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that al least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things."

It is, is it time to shatter the illusions of the many masks we have all worn? The many roles, the power-over “shoulds” and “have tos,” and the boxes of identities, of titles and plaques, of designer this and thats, that we wear that we believe define us. I invite you to deep dive down the rabbit hole, to free-fall into the abysss of your own heart, to unpack all that you are not, to unleash The Truth of why only you are here at this unprecedented timeless moment in our historical rebirth into 'The Great Awakening.'

What you’ve been praying for, what we’ve been praying for, we already are!Join me together as we lay down the swords together to rewrite our epic love story…

Dear Family of Humanity, WE are the answer and soulution we’ve been waiting for…
Love Wild & Awake,Carla Lee Johnston